<br> [Return to Networking menu for PS70](../index.html) A very simple example of two boards communicating. The board on the left is programmed to write to a digital output pin in response to a button input. The board on the right uses a digitalread() to read the voltage and responds by changing the state of an output device. This is an example of communicating with one bit (HIGH or LOW) at a time. The two boards just share ground. They must both be powered, and can share a power line. [code](./receive_01.txt) for the receiving board. [code](./transmit_01.txt) for the transmitting board. ###Schematic of this example. [Tinkercad Model](https://www.tinkercad.com/things/hIUnMXcwy7T-amazing-lappi/editel?sharecode=vtwP3RghNCQO-daC03vf5SoBe5mglupaxAMkmaYjfr0) ![pic](tinker_schem.png) ###Video. This is an example of two boards runnning this code. A microcontroller board on left, powered through computer USB; Another microcontroller board on right, powered by rechargeable battery. When the button is pushed, the left board sends a HIGH to the right board which moves its servo. <video width="300" height="541" controls> <source src="wired_01.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video>